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Important Note, Consultants’ Camp 2020 has been postponed to 2021.  Stay tuned for details…

Consultants’ Camp was created in 1988 as an environment where consultants of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests meet in various places in the United States to share experiences and ideas, grow professionally, and have fun. Camp provides an open, supportive and commercial-free environment where we can learn from each other.

Important Note, Consultant’s Camp 2020 has been postponed to 2021.  Stay tuned for details…

Who attends?

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Campers are a varied group, about 30-50 consultants from around the world, who share an interest in learning and improving their consulting work. We define consulting broadly, to include anyone who provides advice or support.

Campers share a mutual respect and appreciation for people, and for the interaction between people and the technologies with which they work.

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What happens at Consultants’ Camp?

In a word, learning. But as conferences go, Camp is most unusual. PowerPoint is nearly absent. Instead, we do something revolutionary for a conference: we confer. The setting, size, and structure of Camp support an atmosphere of collaborative inquiry. More about Camp’s sessions

Campers: stay in touch

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